Currently 27 going back to university should I commute or try to move nearby?

A little bit about my situation. So I am currently living at home working two jobs because my family needed me to be at home so I put university on hold. I only currently gross about 22-25k a year. Which is well below what I ever planned to be at this stage in my life. I feel like I’m being suffocated living with my family and helping out maybe a little resentful that I put my life on hold.

My question is would it be smarter for me to stay at home and commute to my university. The commute takes about 45-1 hour to get to most likely 3 days a week if not 5 some quarters. I know it is the cheaper option but is it the smarter option? I feel as though if I end up commuting I will not be able to work. Even part time as having 6-10 hours of travel time per week on top of studying would leave no time for work if I even could find something to accommodate my available hours.

I estimate moving to the city in which the university is would cost me about 800 rent and utilities included. But with that said I think I’d be able to work around an average of 15-20 hours a week. I am able to take out about 1800 a quarter in federal subsidized loans and on top of that I’d get about 800-1k in grant aid for free. I’d most likely be able to qualify for food stamps as well which would be roughly 150-200 a month. Which may also be able to include medi cal and give me an extra 700 per quarter by dropping university insurance. This would take me about 2-2.5 years to complete a economics degree based off of my education planning I’ve received from advisors.

I am deathly terrified of not finishing university if I don’t dedicate myself 100% by moving there. On top of that since I’ve dedicated myself to family matters these past years I have no experience living on my own. I feel like it’s time for me to finally experience life as an adult. I feel so far behind people my age. I don’t even want to try to date anyone my age as I’m so far behind at this point. I’m undecided and need help figuring out what to do.

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