Money Matters for Personal Finance: A simple step-by-step Guide to Financial Freedom

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No matter your financial situation – improve it!

This book will show you how to save on your costs, maximize your revenues and get the most out of your portfolios. We will show you how to invest your money to have a safe portfolio but yet very well-performing. These techniques beat out 90% of very well-paid Wall Street brokers. 

This no-nonsense guide will show you how much you should be saving at different points in your life and will give you the best and easiest ways to save money.  There are sample budgets depending on your monthly revenues. Our goal is to make it easier for you to succeed.

There are no guarantees in life and there are risks with investing but this book will recommend ways to invest in ETFs that host several companies, hence, your risk is minimized. We do not recommend risky behaviors such as putting all of your eggs in one basket or day-trading. There are ways to make money but for beginners we are ensuring the safest most prudent ways of earning investment income while minimizing risk.

  • Learn to save and budget
  • Invest with confidence with the techniques shown
  • Forecast your financial future and ensure you meet your targets
  • Retire with the lifestyle that you like
  • Spend a couple of hours a month in getting your finances in order

Simple step-by-step guide to supercharge your personal finances and ensure a brighter financial future!

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