Personal Finance 505

Price: $37.97
(as of Feb 22,2020 05:56:33 UTC – Details)

Personal Finance invokes the sentiment that you should be maxing out your 401k, pay extra on your mortgage, invest in mutual funds, and buy term life insurance. This is the old model. This is the Personal Finance 101 model. The Personal Finance 505 model takes a comprehensive and holistic view on your entire life. The model provides maximum flexibility and options. It adopts to the life and lifestyle you utilize. The secret to early retirement and options is simple. Save more money sooner rather than later. That is the answer. The caveat is HOW you save. It is the “flexibility” in your model. The Personal Finance 505 model understands that life happens. It understands that life is not a linear job from your 20s until retirement age. It provides you with “built in options” if and when you need them.

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