I recently hit for $10k

I won 10k on a lottery scratch off (2nd time). 1st round I took care of debt and basically stretched it to last about 2 years. This time around I want to invest it all into something I know that will for sure have me stabled and maybe making even more money down the road or maybe a little bit here, little bit there, save the rest etc. I just need some ideas never been In position like this so any advice would help. I only have $7600 on me right now after taxes was taken out but plan on holding it until I get the rest during tax time 2021, so I’ll have the full 10k
What would be the best thing to look up to invest in?
I heard index funds is a very good outcome, someone else said saving account but I don’t want to only receive $8k holding it for 30 years when I know I can do so much more with it now to make much more later.
Any advice is great!

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