Tired of struggling

I need some options on how to reduce some credit card debt.

Me, my wife, and 2 yr old child. I work full time, making 63k a year salary, my wife just started a job after being off with the birth of our daughter, working 2 days a week. $16/hr. We’ve accumulated some high interest credit card debt somewhere in the neighborhood of $9-10k. We also have about $3k in medical bills that need paid.

The problem isn’t making enough money to pay the bills, its that there are enough payments that we can’t make headway on paying them off.

I wanted to explore consolidating the payments into something more manageable. Unfortunately after carrying the load for the last 2.5 years, my credit has taken a hit (now at about a 580) with missed payments when something a hospital copay needs to happen or vehicle repair.

I’m tired of shuffling money around. So what are some realistic ways to getting back on our feet?

Thanks in advance.

**Edit for added info**

We live in Northern Indiana, heartbeat of the RV world. I have a salary position, no OT available. I do search out side work to fill the voids but October through December prove to be slow times in the automotive world each and every year. The wife works two weekdays and we swap child care with another family so to save both of us the costs and allow each wife to work.

We have a budget which at this point is more of a rough idea and running total of our bills.

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