Can I fund my checking with my parents account?

So, I was going to open my first checking account online – something like Capital One 360, Discover checking, Ally, things like that.

Over the years, I have saved up cash and I would always give them a portion of it to deposit into their checking if I wanted to buy anything online. Now I am going to just open my own checking and put my money in there.
Thing is, if I opened a Discover account for example, could I just give them the routing numbers and they could send my money with an ACH transfer from their checking?

[According to their FAQ](, you can do a transfer from an “external bank” but from what I’ve read online, it often means a transfer from YOUR account at some other bank in your name. But what about if it is my parents account?

To be clear, I already know that with any checking, you can send other people money or vice versa either by wire transfer or ACH (as well as p2p options like Zelle, which is supported by Discover) but my question is if I can use any of these options, such as an ACH transfer, to initially fund the account, particularly if it will be coming from my parents checking?

Probably sounds like a stupid question, I’m just asking because I don’t know the answer and with all these online checking accounts, you have to fund them within a certain time period (45 days in the case of Discover) or they just close it.

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