Unacknowledged/undisclosed 8% deduction from my pay, 3% of which is no longer mine in any capacity

I just took a political appointee position with a statewide elected official. It’a a great move career-wise but constituted a 15% cut from where I was previously. Alright, I can live with that. Offer letter outlined the salary and that was that. Then, I got in my first morning to find that 3% of my pre-tax pay is manually deducted to pay for current pensioners (alright, w/e I can live with that) but also that 5% of my pay is a mandatory contribution to *my* retirement account. It vests at ten years, but there’s nearly no chance I’ll be here that long as career-focsued as I am, though upon my severance I get it all back with 5% interest… and then pay taxes on it. Even worse, I kept hearing how amazing the healthcare was (and perhaps this is on me, too), but I found out on my start date that the premiums come form out of pocket.

I’m at a loss. I budgeted for the 15% cut but I’m about at my limit. Is there a constructive way to bring this up to them? My salary is determined by statute so a raise, even down the road, is out of the question. And I’m comfortable saying no one was acting in bad faith.

The upside is this position opens all kinds of financial door for me, even in just a year. All input is appreciated.

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