Am I a dependent?

I’m (37f) a disabled adult. My mother, bless her, is my caretaker while working full time. We live in Texas.

I’ve been disabled since December 17, 2018. My last day of work was December 13, but I must have had some PTO,because I still got a W2 for like, 30 bucks or something. I remained on their books as an employee on an unpaid leave of absence until this January, 2020.

I received short term disability payments from Dearborn National until March 2019. I received a w2 from them as well.

I was officially declared disabled and started receiving payments from social security in June 2020. All in all, my total income was less than 20,000, which my mom makes far above that.

So i have 2 w2s and a 1099 from SS.

Can she claim me as a dependent? If she can, should she? Would she enter my income as hers? This is all so confusing to us.

Thanks in advance.

Ps- we’re in Texas, if that matters.

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