Chase Bank – Fraud

Earlier this month I received an email from Chase Fraud alert stating that a transaction was denied due to possible fraud. At this time I realized that my debit card was missing. I quickly called and disputed the charges that weren’t mine.

This morning I received notice that the credit they placed on my account in the amount that was disputed will be taken out because: the transactions were valid.

I was baffled, and pissed off. Called back Chase. They told me that since the debit card was a contactless card ( unique ID for each transaction) and was present at Point of sale, that it was me. She also told me that my PIN was used at the time. I know it wasn’t, because the amount in question was used at a popular fast food restaurant chain and I know for certain that the POS doesn’t ask for a PIN when purchasing. Furthermore, the person who took my card tried to take money out of an ATM and was denied for : wrong PIN.

What recourse do I have? The customer service rep gave me the suggestion of going after the restaurant for my money back, which to me is a joke. Is Chase really this bad? I’ve been with them since they took over WaMu and have never had a problem


Update: I called back and asked for a manager and the issue was resolved as of now. This hiccup has really opened my eyes to how fickle these banks can be with your money.

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