Easy ways to split donations to two accounts

I think the title is a bad way of explaining it but I don’t know what to put

So I’ve started a game server with an online friend. Quite a few lovely people want to donate to our server. The problem is everything with money is trust-based from two random people online. As well I’m 17 and haven’t made a bank account/checking account or whatever yet. So right now for hosting the server, it has to go to him, but developing everything has gone to me. And because he’s the only one with a bank account right now, there’s nothing stopping him from pocketing the money. What I’m looking for is possibly a way to get donations from someone and automatically split the money between us? I don’t know if anything close to that is possible. I’m also trying to convince my parents to get me a checking account which will hopefully happen very soon. So the best-case scenario is both of us having an account and something that splits donations.

sorry if I was bad at explaining and thank you for any advice <3

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