I feel like an idiot. I got scammed out of $325 for a Nintendo Switch..

I’ve been looking really hard for a good deal on a used Nintendo Switch for my daughter and thought I found a good one. I’m not usually a person that gets scammed and such, so I fee like a real idiot right now. I found one on Offerup but the description listed a phone number to call. (Big mistake.) I texted the number asking about the system and they routed me to the Facebook profile of their “brother” the “owner” of the system. I messaged him and checked his profile. He had information back to 2016, and I thought it was a pretty legitimate profile.. he sent me videos and audio of the things he was selling and told me he wanted to make a deal for a bundle. I agreed and paid through Facebook Messenger using PayPal for $325 with a (kind of) receipt for the payment. His tracking number for the package hasn’t been updated in a week and I’ve been wondering about it. I messaged him back today and noticed he deleted the Facebook profile. I’m trying to figure out if there is ANYTHING I can do. It really sucks because that was going to be my daughter’s main birthday present next month. Without income currently it’s really a big hit to the chest.

Edit: he didn’t delete his account. He blocked mine.

Edit 2: He deleted the first account and made a new account with the same name and pictures. I’ve contacted PayPal and told them the situation.

Edit 3: So it was bought in goods and services. I have the history of our conversations and I’ll just be waiting for PayPal to respond. Crossing my fingers. Never going to do this again. Thank you, fellow Redditors.

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