I need help amid the current global situation

I am very sorry if this is not the place, first time I’m having this kind of issue.

I am from UK and started a job as a sandwich artist at subway for about 2 weeks now but as you may know UK has gone into lock down and my subway is now closed.

UK have offered the whole 80% of wage payment only if employer try’s for it.

I am in a weird situation now, and dont know what to do. The whole 80% scheme thing works by looking at the past ~3 months of wage and get help paid 80% of that but since I haven’t worked that much I dont know if it applies to my. Additionally my contract is 8 hours a week minimum required but for the past 2 weeks I worked about 50 hour.

I haven’t been officially laid off or anything so I dont know. Should I be looking for a different job? Tesco is currently offering loads of position in my local area and if I applied I would certainly get it considering my job experience with them before.

Should I look for new job or wait to see what happens with the Subway one?

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