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  • It’s kinda amazing how just refinancing can be one of the best ways to starting getting that stuff down. I went from Income based on fed loans and high interest Sallie Mae to a fixed rate SoFi loan for everything. Not only did I get one loan to pay on rather than several, the amount I used to pay equals what I do now which provides much more towards principal. I can see the amount going down every month, rather than the opposite, and can actually plan out it’s payoff over time rather than see it as a grey cloud.

  • That’s an incredible improvement!! Congrats!!!
    I’ve a question…. have you made your first payment to LendKey yet?
    If yes, is the $535 the same as the monthly payment that was written on the Final Loan Disclosure document that you had to sign for LendKey to go ahead with funding your loan?

    If no, do you know what day the loan was disbursed and what day your first payment is due?

    The reason I ask is because it’ll most likely be more than 30 days in between and you should look into paying the interest (e.g., if it’s 42 days in between disbursement and first payment, then you should pay 12 days worth of interest BEFORE it compounds onto your loan and costs you more over the life of your loan)

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