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I’m an accredited investor and I have a wealth manager who is decent and has pretty low fees (they’ve turned $2m trust into like $2.6m since 2012…. although I haven’t checked recently with the downturn)….the thing is that I want to take more risk for more potential reward because I’m young, I have a long investment horizon and I have capital that I can leave tied up for awhile since I can fall back on my family and my reserves in the worst case. I think by not pursuing some of these more risky opportunities with significant upside I’m not reaping the full reward that I could reap. I know my managers are pursuing some riskier opportunities but think it should be even riskier.

I guess what I’m wondering is for people who were in a similar situation did you try to pursue opportunities for AIs and if so what made you choose that route and how did it work out? And how did you go about identifying the investments you made? Would I be crazy to try to train myself to pick investments in an attempt to grow my money more quickly (I am pretty sure the answer is yes to this one unfortunately)?

My goal is financial independence. I’m married and will probably have one child and I live in Denver. I work right now for 200k per yr but I’m not happy with my job (too demanding and I’ve already downgraded once from a more demanding job) and would love to be able to have the option to leave my career even if I don’t take that option. I don’t think what I have is enough to completely stop working now in my early 30s given the expenses I’m expecting (although we don’t live a very extravagant lifestyle). I hope I don’t sound whiny….I have nothing to complain about! Just trying to plan and aspire to what I want out of life

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