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ACST, the next Amarin?

Hi folks, as some of you know, Amarin had a great run from 2 to 20 when it released data back in the day. With that said, Amarin’s not the only company that has an interest in using Omega-3’s for reducing triglyceride levels. I think that the next company that is the closest to riding a wave like Amarin is Acasti. Acasti’s capre had a fantastic phase 2 and is currently about to release two phase 3 studies (TRILOGY 1 and 2, in december and january) that are aimed to show the power of capre for reducing triglyceride levels in patients with high triglyceride levels. I think that current market cap (170 million) is severely undervalued given that its competitor has around a 7.6 billion market cap. Amarin’s Vascepa is up for an FDA approval, and given the positivity of the adcom vote, it will most likely get a nice FDA approval. While this may not provide much of an upside for Amarin (it already has a 7.6 billion market cap), I think it will serve as another catalyst for Acasti. Furthermore, if Amarin gets BO, Acasti may also get BO by another big company that wants to have a slice of the pie. Essentially, Amarin has done a fantastic job at paving the way for what the market cap of a company with an omega 3 drug can look like, and even if Acasti achieves 1/5 of Amarin’s current evaluation, its PT will be 18-20 after the phase 3 studies get rolled out. You can’t buy options, but a share is going at around $2 dollars. I have locked in some shares and I think that it’s a good bet that this will get a huge boost after phase 3’s roll out.

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