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Anyone else concerned about monetary policy?

I know there are doomsday projections everyday but if you look at the underlying position of the United States the Federal Reserve they have slashed interest rates to historic lows and when they tried to raise them met resistance so they lowered them back down. They have been pumping money into the stock market through quantitative easing programs, all the while we are in the greatest bull run in history, and consumer spending is at an all time high yet savings for most Americans is virtually nonexistent and Americans are loaded up with debt. Not to mention publicly traded companies have issued more debt than any other point in history. If the American consumer becomes financially responsible and live within their means these record breaking earning would vanish and they would be forced to default on their bond obligations. To me these all seem like huge issues that need to be addressed yet no one really talks about them. Any one else even a little concerned?

Anyone else concerned about monetary policy? – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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