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Apple purchases self-driving car start-up

The purchase of is thought to add to Apple’s secret electric car project code-named “Project Titan”

Apple purchases self-driving car start-up – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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  • I don’t really get what their long term play is with autonomous driving? How does it fit in with Apple? And in general, why does every tech company need to have a self driving car team?

    Even if it did somehow fit in at Apple, it seems like they’re so ridiculously far behind now…

  • I guess we can add Apple to the rather large list of companies that feel that LiDAR is essential to a safe self-driving system.

    Tesla seems to be the only one missing from that list.

  • I look forward to the day when my car can drive me to work.

    Ohhh wait I have a model 3.

    Soooooo does this company expect to be able to license their systems to auto makers…. By the time they get their product out, their customer base (for self driving cars) is going to be in Tesla’s.

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