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Are SandP 500 indexes overrated?

The more research do the more turned off I am. The nominal 10 year return averages 10% but that includes very old data that includes America’s transition into a global force. Looking at more recent returns and it’s not nearly as appealing. The past 20 years have had just awful returns of below 5% (not sure if real or nominal). That might not seem like much but 20 years is a large chunk of someone’s life and these people may have expected much larger returns than they got. Also factor in the last decade has been a very long bull run that only brought up returns from terrible to only pretty bad, add another recession in the next few years and the SandP 500 will become a pretty bad investment choice long term for many investors. Is there any optimism for long term investors or is it time to find other methods of investing?

Are SandP 500 indexes overrated? – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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