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Can I get a personal loan with no credit history, no debt, and full time job?

Hi reddit, I am 22 in Illinois and asking what is the best approach to get a personal loan so I can reinvest it.

Full time job, part time school all paid, no credit cards, no car. What are my options? I want to see if I can get $5,000+.

Do I go to credit unions, banks, or online loans?

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  • Honestly I would assume not. But a credit union is probably your best bet. If you’ve been in good standing with them and have consistent direct deposits and a decent and consistent balance and can prove steady employment then maybe.

    You really need to go get a credit card ASAP man. The longer you wait, the longer until your credit is good because length of credit accounts for some where around 1/4-1/3 of your credit score I believe.

    You could just get one and move your monthly subscriptions to your card and pay it off in full each money. Something man.
    Edit: wait, no car? How much do you actually have in your accounts? I think you may need to focus on saving before you look to take out loans to try and reinvest. Unless you’re in Chicago and don’t have a car because you dont need one.

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