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Coming to the conclusion – life insurance is useless

My background: Professional writer in advertising/marketing. I’ve had my life insurance license with a company for five years. I got it just so I could sell to family, understand the in’s and out’s of Life Insurance, and make sure my family wasn’t getting swindled. Did that on the side of writing.

Recently, I’ve needed to study for the SIE, Series 6 & 63 so I can sell life insurance tied in with mutual funds. I thought, “What the heck. How hard can it be?” Well, the more I study life insurance the more I see that these licensing tests are more about investments – Roth IRAs, 401ks, shareholding, mutual funds, etc.

I find myself becoming more interested in becoming an investor than continuing my education to sell these “investment life policies”, which I think are useless the more I look at them. I sell term life, btw. I’ve recently heard though, that you shouldn’t use a life policy as an “investment”. There are far better uses of your money, investment wise.

Wouldn’t investments like mutual funds be a much better investment of the spare cash each month? Isn’t there a better investment you can leave to heirs instead of a life policy as well?

Whether you have heirs or not, aren’t there tons of other investment opportunities that are much better than having a life policy? Something that can grow substantially?

Coming to the conclusion – life insurance is useless – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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