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  • I have 2 acres land in the himalayan region. I got in inheritance. I don’t know what to do. I am 27 years old currently living in another country and doing my masters in computer science.

  • Buy a new primary residence in Boston and rent out our current place, or invest elsewhere?

    We are dual high income household and save a lot of our money. We bought our current condo in the city 2 years ago – don’t want to sell yet in this Boston RE market. We have about $120k cash saved up in a high return savings account (post emergency fund), which is enough for a DP on a place in a better location for our needs, still in the city. We were reluctant to rent before due to the hassles, but suddenly have the option of renting our current place to trustworthy relatives. Their rent would cover ~2/3 of our monthly mortgage payment. Before this came up, we were wracking our brains with the best way to invest this money. Issues are:

    We would be looking to move to a place with better schools (suburbs) in ~5 years when our kids start going to school, so our initial plan was just to keep saving until then and put more down on a place in the suburbs, and rent out our current place then. If we do the buy/rent combo we’re debating now, we’d probably sell one of the places in 3-5 years when we move out to the burbs, and keep the other one as rental property.We’re not sure what else is better to do with the money if not RE. Boston is a fairly stable market though people were talking about a bubble well before we bought our first place. Appreciation is not insane but probably at least around the 4-5% mark yearly. We do have a chunk in an investment fund, but reluctant to put the rest of it in due to potentially wanting to use it (for RE). TIA for any advice, probably will x-post elsewhere – suggestions welcome!

  • Is there a dollar threshold for an early investor when I should transition from RH to a Vanguard/Fidelity account? If I’m mostly buying DIS and ETFs? Right now I have about $4000 in.

  • I’m 24yo with a decent salary. I got 30k in 401k and 35k of “play money.”

    I have much higher risk tolerance for long term investment with the play money. What are your thought about putting it all in Boeing and UNH stocks.

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