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Difficult or takes very long to sell @ bid price?

I’ve been swing trading with a few platform now and decided to give Robinhood a try. Had level 2 on etrade pro platform and I had a sell order on Robinhood. I started going below bid price and it still wasn’t selling. I went down to like 0.2% below bid and it still didn’t sell. I thought maybe it was an issue on my etrade platform but the same sell order instantly sold. I tested by sending it to market on Robinhood and it instantly sold for about 1% under current bid.. I understand slippage, but at a large bid block and not a high volatility? Is there an explanation for this? Are they making kick backs off the market maker by preying on people to buy overpriced and selling underpriced? probably going to get some hate for this but any insight would be great.

Difficult or takes very long to sell @ bid price? – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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