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Disabled Vet and IBR Application Questions

I am a disabled vet (60% rating) and survive solely off my disability atm. I live overseas where the cost of living is quite low but I’m definitely not in the position to make payments. My plan was to apply for IBR before my grace period ends at the end of November. I have a few questions that I was hoping to get answers to as I haven’t seen many posts specifically related to my situation. My loaner is Great Lakes, btw.

1. How do I go about applying for the IBR. I know I have to call them up and fill out an application of some sort but what information will I absolutely have to give them? Is there any information I should omit from telling them that they may ask but don’t necessarily need from me? Btw, I haven’t worked/earned income for the past 4 years while studying.
2. I was told, long ago, by my VA rep that I am not obligated to report my disability to anyone because it is not an income but a compensation. How true is this? If this is true, what’s the smartest way to explain to anyone who asks how I survive day-to-day? I don’t wanna put anyone else in the hot seat by claiming they are taking care of me but will that be the case, theoretically, if I did/if it’s true? i.e. I have a partner that does help me but my partner is a local to the foreign country I live in and I’m 100% they wouldn’t want me entangling them into my issues.
3. If worse comes to worst, would my disability ever be at risk of garnishment? I’ve read online that it is protected but only up to a certain amount. Any clarification on this point is greatly appreciated.

Hopefully, I do not aim to remain in this position for very long. Maybe a year or two max while I study the local language in order to get a better paying job. Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer information and assistance, not only to me but the many others I have seen here.

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