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Getting rejected by everyone

After going through college on my parent’s money, I’ve made the decision to attend grad school on my own. They have agreed, and to that end have decided not to cosign for me. I’ve so far been rejected by Sallie Mae, College Ave, commonbond, Wells Fargo, and Citizen’s Bank, and told that I must have a cosigner to complete my application. I’m not sure what it is I’m missing here, with one exception-I’m unemployed, and have indicated that in some form on every application. I’m torn between being mystified on why I can’t get anywhere with any of the big names(of course I’m broke, I’m a student! They’re all cool with no payments until 6 months after graduation anyway!) and thinking that it’s ridiculously obvious why I’m getting blocked(I’m basically a hobo in their eyes).

All this is to say-what am I missing? Is this all because I’m jobless, or is there some other thing I’m not doing that would fix this.

EDIT: Forgot to actually say what I’m trying to get. I’m looking for a 1 year loan of just over $8000;the rest is covered by financial aid, and that is always indicated on the application.

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