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Hoping to be approved for a credit card tomorrow – what should I expect?

Looking to head to Chase tomorrow to apply for the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. I’ve never once had a credit card, but my credit is around 650 due to getting a loan to purchase a used car (my dad co-signed as I had zero credit). The loan is over halfway paid off (around 3k left). Will I have any difficulty applying for my first card?

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  • Chase *hates* being someone’s first card. You’re better off going to Discover and getting one of their student/secured cards for a year first. In addition to your low credit score, I highly doubt you’ll get approved by Chase.

  • Perhaps. Sign up with Credit Karma. It’s a free service, and will have recommendations based on your credit. You may have to start with a secured card, then upgrade up to an unsecured card in about a year.

  • I’ll reiterate that Chase does NOT like being the first card. They can be very generous later, but not at first.

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