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How do you motivate (trick) yourself into not feeling crappy about your student loan situation?

What hacks and tips do you have or may have used that help to trick yourself into feeling motivated about paying a huge mountain of student loan debt?

A lot of posts I see here definitely touch on mental health/feeling down when dealing with this type of debt. I am by no means feeling hopeless about my debt but maybe this post can help more than just me.

This is not about refinancing or PSLF or other practical tips for my unique situation. There are a ton of other posts about that. Assuming that a person is on track and doing the right thing/paying as fast as they can and with the right payment plan, it can still be pretty difficult (emotionally) when so much of your income is going towards debt payments.

When building wealth, people talk about comparing your net worth to real items like a shack, BMW, 2bd apartment, a private island… but with a negative net worth from student loans and a total debt number going down excruciatingly slow how do you keep yourself motivated??

Hoping this community can help!

For some background..
I’m personally in this for the next ten years (at least) and have already had this debt for 10 years so far… with a rollercoaster of emotions with the debt hanging over my head some days and also in blissful denial.

Living at home and prioritizing annual travel and eating in rather than drinking/eating out (saving money at home and spending frugally abroad <$1000/trip including airfare)

60k annual salary before OT/bonuses with $1000/mo spending money budgeted after savings and loan pmts. (IBR for federal and significant private loans)
I used to be making about half as much as a contractor and had no savings. So I definitely can attest to finding a higher paying/stable job. It’s added peace of mind that I can consistently make payments instead of worrying about deferral options in case I didn’t have steady income. My current job is in a field I enjoy and I wouldn’t have gotten it without my student loans, but if I could go back in time, I would have found a different financial path to get here.

Any short term/long term hacks and suggestions are very much appreciated!

How do you motivate (trick) yourself into not feeling crappy about your student loan situation? – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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