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  • Don’t finance personally. I did this a few a years ago on a truck and while I eventually got the money that was owed me it was very frustrating and inconvenient to have to call him multiple times per month for payment.

  • Professional mechanics can protect themselves from this by filing a lien against the car’s title. Whether you can do that is up to your state government; I would contact the DMV and see if they allow unlicensed mechanics to file liens (assuming you are unlicensed).

    If not, then your options are to (a) trust them and pray or (b) insist on cash.

  • You aren’t a bank. They should get a loan from someone or somewhere else, not you.

    And if a bank won’t lend them money, it’s because they believe the person can’t or won’t pay it back, based on tens of thousands of data points of people in essentially their same financial situation. You’re not going to have any better luck collecting than they would, so don’t set yourself up for that. So: no cash = no service.

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