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  • It depends on your goal. Whether you’re day/swing trading or investing long term. I’m a long term investor and I have shares in blue chips; MSFT, WM, DIS, and a few others including 2 ETFs. All of them pay dividends. $70 is probably good, whatever you can afford

  • Definitely do some research on some stocks. But if you’re new, try to invest into things you believe in. For example if you believe in AMD being successful. Invest in that, also it depends on how you want to invest. High risk or low risk.

  • You should look up YouTube videos for that my man. I know that my portfolio for stacks is pretty much index funds and dividends. I have about like 80+ish on my watch list. And $70 a month is not bad. It depends on how much you want to invest in yourself and future.

  • Always remember:


    Price per share <> Quality of Company


    Sometimes it is better to wait until you can buy a quality company and sometime a quality company a low price due to the number of outstanding shares and their total market cap. Try not to focus on the market price per share as a measure of what to do.


    Now to find undervalued companies that you are hoping will explode in the future. You’ll find a vast mix of answers along that journey. It is best to do your own due diligence on those and take other recommendations with a grain of salt.

  • Don’t let dollar value fool you. Some $100 and $1000 stocks are cheaper than stocks under $100. Learn about market cap, P/E ratio, and other metrics used to evaluate how much a stock is worth before investing. I’d honestly suggest an ETF, which are baskets of stocks wrapped into one (simplest explanation possible). I’d look at one that tracks the overall stock market.

  • APO , BX. Are some really good stock (these are what the big guys invest in such as citi bank, wells fargo ect,) . They pay dividends too as well as mature in price, right now they are around the $40 per share range. Private equity firms are dependable and not as volatile as the big companies some may suggest here. Even for a short term investment they perform pretty well. Can’t go wrong, i hold shares in both. Ps- If you have a little “fun” money you can throw it a bs penny stock when it recently hits near or at a 52 week low, good chance it increases in value and you cash out, but also a chance it creates a new low…

  • Identify high-quality stocks, then “invest” in a savings account until you can afford them.

    This way you will avoid shooting yourself in the foot by purchasing cheap stocks instead of high-quality stocks.

  • Bro, don’t buy stocks because of a low price tag on the shares. There are a few reasons of why that is a very bad idea. Instead, you should be thinking about low cost ETFs that track a market index, or buying big board stocks that will be around for a long time and have positive earnings. You will need to reevaluate your criteria as you go.

  • I agree with what others said. I actually started with $70 but it was kind of whatever. I bought a Columbia stock and it did nothing for about a week. Then I kept adding to my account to buy the next stock I wanted. Microsoft, Visa, Bank of Montreal, Johnson & Johnson… then I started to see some gains. Then I started targeting lots of dividend stocks. Now my portfolio is at around $1500 with about $1200 invested. Just keep adding and not panic/sell

  • Listening to internet strangers say “buy this” and “buy that” is a great way to lose all your money.

    Do some studying first and make your own informed decisions

  • When I’ve only got $20 to use I buy an etf, PEY. It’s a dividend etf. More stable than the overall market, pays a little dividend each month so it won’t grow as fast as an S&P etf but better than nothing. If I’m ‘saving up’ for another stock I’ll just put it in there until I’ve got enough.

  • Consider using M1 finance instead. Split shares makes it easy to diversify, and you dont need to buy one at a time. Best way to go for only $70/month. Plus at this point just start with indexes and maybe a few companies on top that you believe in

  • You should start w / nice share of $SQ and thank me a year from now – it’s on sale.


    Reality is you should go safer and stick w/ mostly ETFs.


    2nd choice QQEW


    Runners up:$ITOT $SPYG $YOLO $LSCC $TEUM $ARK

  • So now that everyone has given you the safe answers…two that I’m in that are “cheap” but if all the planets line up could make a lot of money are $NAK and $NVCN. This is not investment advice. You could lose EVERYTHING…do your DD and decide for yourself…safe stocks are safe. But every once in a while, dropping a few bucks on a long shot is something to consider.

  • If you want to invest a smallish amount like $70 and still diversify, something like m1 might work better. Otherwise, you’re basically buying, maybe, 1 share of something each month. I use both apps, Robinhood I usually go in knowing what I want to buy at that time and put in whatever is needed for the purchase. When I just want to toss some money into investing, I use m1 to just keep increasing the amount I have in my “safer” investments.

  • My advice would be dividend stocks. Many cheap stocks such as F (Ford) or T (AT&T) pay an excellent dividend around 6-8%. I would also suggest a good REIT, such as NRZ (good for a bull market) or NLY (good for a bear market) both with a 12% payout rate.

  • You gonna invest, or you gonna trade? Major difference. Wanna sit back and watch your money, or you wanna do DD and time your entries for run ups? Slow and steady wins the race, but who’s racing, and where is the finish line?

    I’ve traded for ten months or so and am up $3200. I throw money at it when I can, and empty it out when I need it.

  • my advice is wait look around do a lot of research and wait until you find a stock you really really like and until then stick to VOO investing in individual stocks is risky but if you can be patient and diligent it can work out.

  • If this is your only investment you should make it an index fund. I suggest SPY. At 70 per month, you should be able to buy 3 shares a year… almost. This strategy is only viable over the long term. That means you won’t sell for at least 15-20 years, preferably longer.

  • Look into how to calculate the
    True value of the company. If it’s priced lower than that then buy. Obviously with other factors as well but that’s the main one.

  • As we’ve just taken a massive hit with the trade war news , I’d suggest you go a bit bearish and conservative right now. You are going to want to sell and rebalance once the market goes back up.

    ZNGA is fairly low risk and has been out performing lately. Try to add close to 5.50. Next quarter should push higher with forward guidance.

    JNUG is going to be more expensive tomorrow, but this is a great, cheap stock that will help hedge against market dips as it represents smaller cap gold miners. Only $6.87 right now, but will probably open over $8 in the morning. Anything below 10 is a steal on this in my opinion.

    TVIX will be great to hold this week and sell on any trade news. TVIX is going to be around 20 tomorrow and could see much higher price points in a bear market.

    SOXS will also help hedge against the market drop. It is a bearish inverse etf that has short chip stock exposure. SOXS is 4,54 a share as of Friday and will be more tomorrow.

    UVXY $31.20, will be higher tomorrow. This is 3x exposure to the VIx, where as TVIX is around 1.5/2. This will sway in price fast, but if you play volatility this week and the market keeps droppjng, you may have a $140 dollar account to trade with next week.

    Watch your beta values right now. With the market dropping, you will lose your money on higher beta stocks.

    If you’re looking for long term bullish, I’d add ACST. They have a drug similar to AMRN, but potentially better. This December is their possible approval date. This is currently .8539 cents. There may be better buying opportunities in the future.

  • If you’re just investing for say retirement don’t buy individual stocks or start playing the market. Someone working full time is almost impossible to beat people who spend their whol day researching and even then fun fact human investment managers can’t even reliably beat the market. Just buy an S&P 500 low cost fund/etf and have a ratio between that and bonds that works for your age. Then just stick to it and don’t pull put, recessions or market crashes just mean discounts and more investment. As you get withing 10 years of retirement switch more to bonds (unless you’re in the middle of a market crash then don’t because markets historically recover withing 5 years do if you sell all your stocks you lock in your loses.

    Of course I’m NOT an expert so don’t just follow my advice or any advice you see on the internet without doing your own research. Highly recommend the book “a random walk down wallstreet”.

    Even if you can get together 10,000, 40 years later in the market that’s almost 3/4 of a million which is way more than the average american has in retirement savings. So even if you can only get that much saved early, if you can stick to it and not give into temptation of selling investments then you’ll be okay and set. Of course the more you invest the earlier the better. Time is what makes investments grow.

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