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(IN) Just registered wife’s leased vehicle from Michigan, fees almost double what was expected.

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My wife and I moved to Indiana from Michigan in December of 2018. I got my vehicle registered without a hitch for a hair over $100 (2003 Jeep). After a lot of run around from the BMV and Ford Credit we finally got the title transferred and the total came out to be $474. Looking at the recipe it looks like that includes a $45 fee for the title (looks about right), state registration fees of $36, an admin fee of $15, and two excise tax fees of $189 – one for this year and one for last year. Something feels off about being charged for a full year when we hadn’t even been in Indiana for a full month.


Some extra details:

Wife’s car is a base model 2017 Ford Escape. We got our Indiana licenses 12/21/18, her plates expired the end of March, her lease is up the end of this month, and we’re not sure when we’ll be getting her next vehicle (cash for a well loved vehicle).


Please tell me there’s something we can do to keep from paying almost $500 for the privilege of driving her lease for one month.

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reddit personal finance

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  • Sometimes this is just how it works, some fees are by calendar year as it seems to be the case for excise tax fees in Indiana. I do see one thing that is odd as per this: [](


    The excise tax fee should go down year to year, so only they can tell you why it’s the same amount twice. It is possible that it’s a duplicate, or at the very least the tax for this year should be less. Alternatively, try and convince them that the car never entered Indiana until 2019.

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