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Information on China trade war?

I’m wanting to learn about the ongoing trade war with China from the ground up. The only stuff I can find about it online talks about it like the reader already knows everything going on. I literally know nothing about it and would like to learn. Any information would be appreciated.

Information on China trade war? – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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  • From what I learned on the internet China is a dictatorship and America is the only super power because there is no such thing as 2 or more super powers.

    It would be un-American.

    China will cave into US demands because we are USA and they are China.

    In conclusion, buy GM and Ford cars because their quality control is superior and buying a Honda or anything else would be unpatriotic.

    We can make conclusions without seeing, feeling, or experiencing what we are talking about.

  • Yah China censorship is old news. The newer generations are already on the VPN game and social media like Facebook.

    Mass media gives you the image of big dick China firewall but in reality China has significant problems enforcing censorship and continuing their authoritarian stance with the rise of the internet. Internet access has already awoken the populace to civil freedoms unlike true dictatorships like North Korea which are better at limiting information.

    China is already much more relaxed than before and yah the rule down there is don’t talk shit about the government and you’re good. Literally that’s the law. I don’t agree with it but same rules apply in other nations like Saudi Arabia. Once again I don’t agree with it but I’m saying this is nothing new and literally the only thing you have to be afraid of or else face political persecution.

    The CCP already adopted capitalism and going to put their own spin on it. China is shifting their manafacturing economy to service economy like the US and this concept mind blows the ignorant for some reason. People believe China is still ass backwards when in reality they are the ones purchasing the most luxury goods like Chanel and Prada.

    American brand names like Abercrombie are also huge in China. People think just because shit is made in China or China is poor they don’t wear brand names or something.

    SMH and do your research on Fuerdai on YouTube. Their cars be nicer than yours. Did you catch the news of a 6.5 million dollars for a daughter’s college Stanford spot yet or Asian buyers who buy up California homes to store their wealth and never actually move in?

  • I just know that China is moving quickly from an export-dependent economy to a consuming one. The service sector is already larger than its manufacturing sector.

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