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Law school scammed me, now owing loans?

Hello everyone,

I was a prospective law student seeking a school that was suited best for me. After looking at multiple law schools, I found a particular law school that stuck out to me. I called the admissions to get information. Long story short, but me and my father spoke to the admissions and after asking him questions point-by-point and getting responses from him, I decided that I would pursue this school. This law school is ABROAD of where I lived, so I had to rely on this admission’s statements that the school would provide me with what he had TOLD me and my father over the phone.


Upon finally moving and attending the law school, I noticed everything that the admissions staff member told me was a LIE. I was so distraught. Towards the end of the semester, I withdrew myself. I emailed the dean of the school about the promises and statements that the admissions staff PROMISED me and the dean has yet to reply back after a week.

Not only this, but the admission staff that made these promises and statements is NO LONGER WORKING AT THE SCHOOL. He got fired!


I am so distraught. Now I owe over $20,000 in loans all because this doofus lied to me and my father.

Is there some sort of way I can contact my student loans provider and dispute this student loan that the school took? Please is there something I can do to somehow reverse this? This school is the ultimate scam operation.

Law school scammed me, now owing loans? – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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