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Long time lurker w/ 400K student loans

I suppose you can call me a highly specialized physician.

1st person in family to go to college, had to use loans for undergrad and med school

I have 400k in direct loans currently.

I am in PSLF program and have 7 years of qualified payments made. (confirmed annually)

At this point I need to re-certify my IBR, but by doing this my payments jump to almost 5k/month

If I don’t, the standard payment is ~3300.

I have 36 months of payments left before I am PSLF eligible, but if they aren’t under the “IBR” label, will they still count as a qualifying payment?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Edit: Thanks for all the replies, it does seem that I have to stay on IBR (which was the only program available for me in 2011). I could have switched to one of the other IDR programs prior to my salary going up, but now I don’t think I can. It does seem that my IBR won’t be more then the standard 10 year despite what the calculator on the []( website says. We will see. Thanks for the input 🙂

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