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Next biggest Recession since 2008!?

In one of my lines of work I deal with a lot of wealthy investors; and it’s extraordinary how many somewhat well informed people are “waiting for the next GFC”.

Of course, since hearing this some years back- I did some research and noticed many agree upon an almost 10 year cyclical pattern for a recession.

Does anyone else agree with this, or maybe have their own opinion/facts to bring up?

Genuinely interested to see everyone’s thoughts on this. By the math, we should’ve hit a big one last year, however we’re overdue.

Personally, I like to gauge a range of views; even the conspiracy theorists. There is an accredited and well known investor who was interviewed and spoke a bit about this almost clandestine group of people who sit down and literally work out the next 10 years for the world. Mostly finance but all aspects. They’ll decide whether to tank the economy here or there, where they will invade etc.

Now I can’t be bothered to find this clip but I’m certain some of you will have seen or heard this man, he definitely has or atleast seems to have the credentials to back it up. He believes their plan, off memory anyway, is to push back the recession until 2022/24 at the latest, and mentioned many reasons why. But I can see the method to it.

Anyway, enough of the tin foil (although please do roll up a hat in the comments, would love to hear it), post away guys!

Next biggest Recession since 2008!? – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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