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Paying off loans til I’m 51

I’m currently on the graduated payment plan. But I don’t make enough money, plus my parents are asking me to pay $450/mo. to pay the parent plus loans. So I want to change to graduated extended plan. I calculated when I’ll pay all of my student loans off, and I’ll be 51 when I do so. I’ll of course pay ahead if I can afford it and finish paying it earlier. Should I change my plan to graduated extended?

I’m a 2nd year high school teacher, btw. I will be making about 36k take-home income. I definitely won’t buy an expensive car, and idk if I can even buy a house. Is being debt free even possible at my income level? I owe 33k under my name, and I owe 60k to my parents. My parents have payed off their parent plus loans with a house they sold, and I’m just paying them back personally.

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