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Relax….this isn’t another basic question about the PSLF program. I received a letter a couple of months ago from Direct Loan Servicing stating that due to a review of my account they have readjusted my qualifying payments. I logged in to []( to check and indeed I was credited with an extra eight qualifying payments. However, this adjustment was only made on my subsidized loan and not the unsubsidized one. I have called three separate times to notify them of this and they have confirmed that both sides should show this. I’ve been told they put in a ticket but to this day there still hasn’t been an adjustment made. The last couple of phone calls I was on I asked them if they could tell me where they found the discrepancy in my payment history since I was just curious. I was told both times that the eight extra qualifying payments was just given to everyone that is currently in the PSLF program through “the government”. They did not cite an actual act of legislation for me to research or anything. I haven’t been able to find anything at all either in my research. Can any of you provide any detail? I have a coworker in the program as well and she said she never received any adjustments.

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  • I have received no such adjustment, and my wife has been waiting on an account review for over 1.5 years. Sounds like you just got an employee that was telling whatever would get you off the phone so they could go about not doing their job.

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