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Rate My Portfolio – r/Stocks Quarterly Thread March 2019

Please use this thread to discuss your portfolio, learn of other stock tickers, and help out users by giving constructive criticism.

Why quarterly? Public companies report earnings quarterly; many investors take this as an opportunity to rebalance their portfolios. We highly recommend you do some reading: A list of [relevant posts & book recommendations.](

You can find stocks on your own by using a scanner like your broker’s or [Finviz.]( To help further, here’s a list of [relevant websites.](

If you don’t have a broker yet, see our [list of brokers]( or search old posts. If you haven’t started investing or trading yet, then setup your [paper trading.](

Be aware of [Business Cycle Investing]( and see Fidelity’s updates on the [Business Cycle here]( (note Fidelity changes these links often, so search for it since their take on it is enlightening). [Investopedia’s take on the Business Cycle]( and their [video.](

If you need help with a falling stock price, check out Investopedia’s [The Art of Selling A Losing Position]( and their [list of biases.](

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  • BA – 20%

    GOOG – 8%

    NVDA – 12%

    TSLA – 6%

    VOO – 17%

    DIS – 5%

    Cash – 30%


    Cash is at 30% as I moved a lot in during tax season – prob buy more VOO, but any other thoughts?

  • SPY – 19%

    DIS – 15%

    MSFT – 15%

    BABA – 12%

    Cash – 9%

    MO – 6%

    ACB – 6%

    ATVI – 6%

    GILD – 6%

    INTC – 6%

    Im 18 and am relatively new to investing. My main goal here is just to set up a good habit of buying and holding. C&C Welcome.

  • VERY new long term investor here, all ETF now but would like to get into individuals (working on learning analysis).


    VOO – 42%

    VO – 13%

    VB – 12.5%

    BLV – 11.5%

    VXUS – 5%

    VEA – 4.5%

    PDN – 4.25%

    XLRE – 4.25%

    MJ – 3%

  • So I was wondering if someone would like to rate my portfolio.
    I’m currently holding VTI/FTEC/FZROX/FSKAX

    I know FZROX and fskax are the same but I will be solely making deposits into FSKAX from now on.

    My approach is a long term one. Thanks in advance!
    4K portfolio
    Mix of ETFS and MFS

  • Noob here. I just figured a few years ago NFLX and GOOG will continue to rise and bought some stocks. Read here on the sub that one needs to diversify. So that’s what I tried






    ETSY 3.4%




    VANGUARD S&P500 5.3%

  • **10K Portfolio**

    27.77% $FB

    24.03% $AAPL

    19.73 $BABA

    17.96 $TSLA

    10.50% $SWKS


    I am 23 & started investing rather aggressively in February 2018. I am comfortable with this amount of risk/reward at my age as I plan to hold these companies a minimum of 5 years.

    I plan to invest more selectively and patiently this year & hope to build a 30%-%50 cash position by the end of 2019 in case of a recession. Is anyone else on the same boat in terms of a change of strategy for this year? All criticism welcomed.

  • Total noob here but these are what I have:

    ACB total gain (-.46%)

    APHA total gain (76.59%)

    CWBHF total gain (93.42%)

    MMNFF total gain (-57.05%)


  • O – 32%

    Dis – 20%

    Okta – 16%

    Nvda – 8.3%

    Visa – 7%

    AMD – 6.5%

    Msft – 5.3%

    FRPT – 3.7%

    CVRS – 1.1%


    Trying to decide where to put my next purchase, I’m thinking of buying more in one of the above shares and having a hard time picking one.

    Alternatively MCD looks like an attractive bet for both opportunity and diversity

  • I have 10k with SWPPX with Charles Schwab for the S&P 500 index fund. The other 60k are with:
    AMZN 24%
    GOOGL 24%
    MSFT 21%
    AAPL 12%
    FB 6%
    V 2%
    JPM 2%
    BRK.B 2%
    WM 2%
    VZ 1%
    NKE 0.3%

  • My first portfolio out of college! How’s it look?

    * ACB 0.52% (Planning on buying a lot more this week)
    * CGC 0.71%
    * FB 8.59%
    * BUD 9.01%
    * TEAM 3.81%
    * ILMN 7.8%
    * ISRG 4.74%
    * MSFT 3.92%
    * MRK 1.37%
    * DBX 1.63%
    * AMZN 44.75%
    * NVS 1.56%
    * BOX 2.1%
    * AMD 3.35%
    * CELG 6.12%

    Should I beef up on any of these stocks? Anything stocks I should pick up/look into?


  • Young, just investing some money to start, ok with a bit higher risk/reward

    29.7% SHOP

    22.3% AMZN

    14.7% MSFT

    9.6% BA (bought last week on dip)

    6.6% BABA

    4.1% in a magical type of online asset that gets comments (rightfully) deleted

    13% cash

  • * AAPL 18.61%
    * ACB 5.18%
    * DAL 5.37%
    * MO 5.52%
    * MRVL 2.9%
    * NVDA 8.8%
    * SPOT 6.91%
    * TCEHY 9.05%
    * VOO 12.66%
    * WM 24.98%

    I like the position of WM and would prefer not to reduce but rather increase other holdings. Looking to see what areas I might not have considered. Not shy for trying to play earnings or other short-term plays.

  • * BABA10.93%
    * CMG32.65%
    * ETSY4.03%
    * TWLO13.87%
    * OKTA7.45%
    * CRM-9.52%
    * MO3.42%
    * ENPH2.19%
    * SEDG-2.26%
    * MSFT10.60%
    * BILI1.70%
    * ACB1.36%

  • I have been investing for a few years now but mostly left them alone while I was in college and a few years out. I am now investing more and trying to build a better portfolio. A few years ago I sold my shares of FB and SNE due to financial reasons and wasn’t really able to put more money in until recently. Due to selling off those stocks it made me highly invested in APPL and not having enough diversity. I have finally ben putting more money into my account and invested in a few companies in the past few months. I am trying to put in around $300 monthly. I feel like I should sell off some APPL and get into some other companies to even out my portfolio but I also am hesitant because at the same time want to put more into APPL. Here is my current portfolio. Portfolio total is about $6,500.

    APPL – 75.6%
    CSCO – 8.2%
    MTCH – 4.3%
    MOMO – 4.7%
    ACB – 2.1%
    NOK – 1.7%

    Companies I would like to invest in:


    I would also want to continue to add more shares to my lower percentage stocks.
    Finally, I am a teacher and have a great retirement plan but feel like it would be a good idea to get into some funds too.

    I have been doing a lot of reading and trying to learn more about the entire market and everything it has to offer. Any advice or critiques would be awesome. Thanks

  • 130K portfolio

    $VT – 77% (80% target)
    $ICSH – 11% (10% target)

    Individual stocks (10% target)
    $SQ – 7%
    $MSFT – 5%

  • 50% BA

    20% AAPL

    15% VOO

    5% GOOG

    5% AMZN

    5% Other (MJ, XLK, T, BAC, MDT)

    Total investment about $50k

    Pumped and dumped into BA at $363/share.

  • AYX 29.69%.
    MTBC 24.55%.
    STNE 24.39%.
    MSFT 20.59%.
    This is my play portfolio which is about 5% of overall. Been crushing it recently.

  • TM – 50/s

    AAPL – 45/s

    SFTBY – 200/s


    BUD – 45 /s

    PHM – 35/s

    ANWFX – 50,000/s

    Edit: hopefully that made it easier to read

  • 35.6% SHOP

    10.5% MU

    9.8% DIS

    6.7% CSCO

    5% JNJ

    4.1% MA

    4.1% GM

    4% IQ

    3.9% INTC

    3.4% AAPL

    3.1% NTDOY

    2.7% V

    1.8% DAL

    1.7% LUV

    1.5% ABBV

    0.2% NOK

  • My biggest loss by far today. Lost $300. Back to where i started last month, actually -50$. I have all of my money in funds and the indexes are up today, so i’m trying to figure out why my stocks went down, particularly the one with many DOW30 stocks since mine went down, and DOW30 went up. The two indexes i have went down pretty heavy too.

    Is latency or delay between the market and mutual funds a thing? I feel like my funds are always lagging a day behind the indexes. I wonder if it takes some time before the values are updated for me, it sure feels like it.

    Planned to buy my first stock today (Tesla), but i couldn’t because of i apparently can’t trade outside of the EU or something with the type of i account i have. Bet it’s gonna go up before i figure out how to buy it.

    Overall terrible day for my funds.

  • AMZN











    5 shares of Amazon

    25 shares each of everything else

    I took a beating today but in the long run I think I’ll be ok.

  • 19 years old $10,000 portfolio purely index investing trying to diversify amongst asset classes within the stock market.

    75% equities, evenly split between:
    $qqq (extra heavy in tech)

    10% bonds:

    5% reits:

    5% gold:

    5% cash:

  • Haven’t yet started investing. I have a financial plan and I’m only 18 so take that into consideration if needed. My super is the Hostplus indexed balanced fund which I got the recommendation from Barefoot Investor due to their low fees. I’ve read that the fund tracks ETF’s so would it be worth investing my money into ETF’s if I have a super fund tracking these stocks already?

  • I keep a “play” portfolio of 10 mostly-tech stocks (10% of overall portfolio, fully diversified in total market elsewhere). Currently at 9, with $BND as my 10th:


    Looking to add a small or mid-cap SaaS/Cloud play. I had an interest in $MDB but consider it seriously overbought at the moment. $TWLO has done great things for me. $SHOP used to be in the mix but was removed a few months ago.

    Any suggestions?

  • Newish to the market, I have 7k +/- now, starting from around 2k and adding a bit each week. my overall chart on robinhood shows me having made 217.00 since Jul 2016. but that is on a huge rebound, I was red for much of last year as I took my lumps really learning and digging into things.

    My month and 3 month charts looks excellent thus far.









  • IHF 19%
    FDN 18%
    IWP 15%
    IYF 14%
    WM 11%
    GM 9%
    MPC 7%
    CSCO 6%

    Looking to hold for the year, but would be willing to adjust some shares since it’s on Robinhood.

  • Looking to add to my “play” portfolio. Currently hold $TWLO, $DD, $TWTR, $SWIR, $BB, $SPOT, $NVDA, $AMD, $BOMN, and $SQ. Recently dumped $SHOP as I think it’s losing its moat.

    Thinking of adding MongoDB or something outside of tech. Prefer small caps with a long term potential to grow, also willing to diversify out of tech, semi and retail. Any suggestions?

  • I am using Robinhood and my portfolio is as below:

    MTBC 25%

    MSFT 20%

    CAT 12.5%

    V 12%

    SQ 8.3%

    DIS 7.9%

    GOOGL 3.7%

    LADR 3.2%

    ACB 3.1%

    BIP 2.6%

    WM 2.2%

    MANU 0.1%

    I would like to diversify and my current goals are to reduce holdings in stocks >10% of my portfolio.

    My goal is long term investing for retirement. I also have a 401k and Roth IRA.

  • **Robinhood portfolio:**

    BA – 10%

    TSLA – 9%

    MSFT – 9%

    V – 7%

    BRK.B – 6%

    SQ – 6%

    AAPL – 5%

    DIS – 5%

    AMD – 5%

    UNH – 5%

    TWLO – 4%

    LLY – 4%

    COST – 4%

    ATVI – 4%

    JNJ – 3%

    CHGG – 3%

    FB – 3%

    T – 2%

    MU – 2%

    JPM – 2%

    BAC – 1%


    **Vanguard portfolio (Brokerage):**

    VTI – 80%

    VXUS – 20%


    **Vanguard portfoilio (ROTH IRA):**

    VTSAX – 75%

    VTIAX – 25%

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