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Sell & Buy ETF at the same Price

For tax gain harvesting reasons, I would like to realize capital gains and immediately buy back the same securities. I’ve done this before manually and gotten pretty close to an even swap, except for minor NAV change overall in either direction.

It occurred to me there may be a way to set this up to execute both transactions at the same price without worrying about any NAV fluctuations.

I think I can accomplish this with a Buy Stop and a Sell Limit for the same number of shares at a price set above the current market. I’m not concerned about the buy executing first with insufficient funds as vanguard allows 1 day to provide funds, which should be balance seconds later if buy executed before sell.

Is there any reason this approach would not work the way I intend?

Edit: Just to be clear, I am not describing a wash sale – as the above scenario is to be utilized only for long term gains harvesting.

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