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S&P 500 or global market index funds for Roth IRA? Among other questions.

For a Roth IRA would VFIAX or VFINX make the most sense? Or should I try to get something that emulates the global stock market? Warren Buffett apparently said that S&P index can beat a hedge fund. But I don’t know if that means for a “invest and forget it” person which fund is right for me.

Also as a brief verification that I am in the right steps…. I am 27. If by 30 I manage to fill 20k into an emergency fund, max a Roth IRA, and match my employers 6% match, am I in a great place and ready to invest? I would complete those goals in that specific order. Are these investments for QoL of your 30s-50s meant to be withdrawn, or is it meant to be a supplement to retirement, e.g. another target date mutual fund? I dont know how the average person saves/invests towards getting a car, a down payment on a house, etc.

Are my priorities right? Or should I invest 1k into my Roth for now and let it grow? 

What is the best thing to invest in once I figure out my finances and succesfully fill my e-fund, max Roth IRA and match 6% into a 401k? Do I make another S&P 500 index account and just let it ride, selling when necessary for a car or down payment on a house, or something? Or do I save traditionally like I would with an emergency fund?

S&P 500 or global market index funds for Roth IRA? Among other questions. – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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