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  • The following are my opinion of important traits.

    Temperament: being emotionally stable and unaffected by fashion or peer pressure. This could be due to being born the “right” type of mutant who doesn’t have consensus or conformity seeking instincts. It could also be through self development of character.

    Ambition: Someone who intensely wants to make money, but at the same time doesn’t particularly care about money itself. They might see investing as a competitive game, with money being how players are scored on a leaderboard. Or, money could be feedback on an improving investment skill. Whatever the case, not someone who sees money itself as the end, i.e. someone who will do doing dumb things out of greed.

    Learning ability: Someone with an effective system for creating knowledge. This means being able to combine facts and reasoning to synthesize quality conclusions, and being able to relate concepts with each other.

    Circle of competence. More important than one’s knowledge base, I think that genetic predispositions should be catered to. One person may thrive under pressure and adrenaline filled circumstances; this could be a plus for trading. Another may have a knack for abstract models. A third may have a photographic memory for prices and statistics (I think this is Buffett). Subjective brain wiring can result in different people having an edge in different areas of investing. A good investment record is more about being better than the competitors of your pool of choice, and less about being the best athlete.

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