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  • Past performance is not indicative of future results.

    Stock picking is more of an art than a science.

    “Be greedy when others are fearful, be fearful when others are greedy”

    Learn how to do your DD (due diligence) before picking a stock.

    Cheap is relative. If I own 1 share at $100 or 10 at $10 I have the same amount. Which is likely to grow is what you look at.

  • >One of my stocks shows a super high percentage for the past 5yrs, in the 1000% range

    Fuck that. Just do a box spread on UVXY and you’ll get that number in days.

  • Sure! I wondered the same thing when I began but thankfully I had a brother that was a math / stock wiz. Essentially what’s going on is the 1000% figure you see means if you invest a certain amount of money in that stock you will be guaranteed (by the FDIC) 10 times whatever you put in. Now here’s the trick it all depends on how much money you have in total. (There’s always got to be a catch) in order to prevent people from using it as a money machine they require that you do one of two things:
    Take a loan out from a bank of at least $10,000 or deposit half of your yearly salary. This way the companies have enough money to run and you take on some risk. The reason people never do it is because it’s hard! As they say “the rich get richer”

  • there really isn’t much “math” behind it. Somebody bought the stock and sold it at a higher price and this drove the price up. Right now the price is 11x what it was when you bought it. The initial offering isn’t going to represent the current price and can be based on a number of things but generally assets, liabilities and debt are taken into account as well as the number of shares.

    Stocks are supposed to be about growth with dividends being a source of income. It really isn’t a good idea to think you’ll be able to represent 1000% growth: let alone in a short time frame. If you want a high risk/reward that isn’t as logical as buying a lottery ticket your best bet is derivatives (options, futures, etc.)

    Still a bet tho.

  • No one here is giving this guy helpful advice. Don’t put your money blindly into shitty penny stocks. Put your money into VOO (S&P 500 ETF) until you learn more about the market.

  • I would start out with a few index funds, find ones where you aren’t paying to high an annual fee, anything above 0,5% imo is too much. The great thing about index funds, is that they give you a spread of different companies and thus spreads your risk and often you will learn about new companies, as you look into different index funds and see what companies they consist of.

    [Marketscreener.com](https://Marketscreener.com) is also a necessary tool for analyzing companies, it gives you great insight any stock listed company.

    Also, I recommend reading anything by Benjamin Graham and Andre Kostolany, especially Kostolany has taught me a lot about the psychology in the stock market.

    “I’d rather buy a great company at a good price, than a good company at a great price” Warren Buffett

  • Sometimes the gains are legitimate and they just had a great gain or recovery.

    USUALLY the really weird gains are from reverse stock splits breaking the algorithm that calculates percentages. If they were selling $1/share and reverse split 100:1 then the new price $100/share. The company value did not change, just the price of their shares (and everyone now has less shares than they used to have).

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