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To shift or not to shift… From VOO and VGSH to VTI and BND

Hey all, I’m looking for a bit of advice.

My asset allocation is currently split 80/20 VOO/VGSH (S&P, short-term treasury). I picked VOO a while ago due to familiarity, ubiquity, and the low fees. I picked VGSH recently due to it’s very low correlation to VOO and because I think of it more like a money market alternative.

I am now becoming more and more convinced that VTI (total stock market) would have been a better choice than VOO due to the greater diversification and the results of some backtesting. In the same vein as the mental shift from VOO to VTI, comes the question of shifting from VGSH to BND (total bond market). A benefit would again be greater diversification, and also lower fees (0.035 vs 0.07).

What do you think about shifting from VOO/VGSH to VTI/BND or perhaps just switching out VOO for VTI or VGSH for BND?

*These holdings are in a brokerage account. No capital gains have been realized yet.*

To shift or not to shift… From VOO and VGSH to VTI and BND – RobinHood – Reddit Feed

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