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What do you like to spend money on that rises in value? (other than the reddit stock market)

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reddit stock market: Men of Reddit,What do you like to spend money on that rises in value? (other than the reddit stock market) I’d like to find out what you spend your money on that doesn’t depreciate in value.

“If you’re talking about investments, there are plenty of other options besides stocks. Primarily corporate and government bonds, peer to peer lending notes, certificates of deposit, and savings accounts, as well as commodities and precious metals.

If you’re talking about everyday things and collector’s items, it’s not really my thing, but pretty much any genre that will last 30-50 years you can bet will go up in price the longer you hold it. For example, comic books, quality cars, coins, etc.”


“Classic cars, find a relatively cheep one, do some moderate repair, use it or keep it for twenty to twenty five years, sell for three times the price you bought it for. Mustang are perfect, you can find a beater that runs from say 1965 or so, and just redo the cosmetics, and do some moderate work to make sure it runs, all this on the realm of $10,000, but you can sell that for $30,000, or hang onto it, and watch it rise in value as the years pass. “


“Watches. I for the most part collect vintage pieces that gain in value rather than diminish. That being said, if something awesome new comes out, and it’s not a future classic that will for sure go up in price, I’ll still buy it as long as it fits my collection theme.”


“This answer might be cheating but I buy a lot of shitty used cars and flip them or buy decent ones and part them out. The big problem I just recently ran into was the city trying to fine me for having too many vehicles on my property. Wtf? Seems dumb to me, it’s causing literally no harm to anyone, they’re not even in the front where they could be an eyesore, just in my backyard.”


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